Automation and Remote Control

Automation and Remote control cover the design, construction and maintenance of systems for the civil world with home automation systems, the industrial world with process automation and the public with the management and rationalization of provided resources.


Telecommunications make it possible to put in dialogue realized systems allowing remote control and programmed maintenance as well as the creation of systems of extended connectivity based on the latest technologies.


The Energy sector plays a priority role within the company as it is mainly aimed at the industrial field and more precisely at supply and distribution plants in BT, MT and AT.

Renewable Energies

The Renewable ENergies complete the sector with the production of energy and its correct integration in the issues of energy saving


The rapidly expanding company structure is currently composed of about 45 operators and allows to follow all customer needs by integrating heterogeneous professionalism that can be used to elaborate solutions to complex problems, realize the design, plan the implementation, perform the installation, train customers to use and close the circle with the verification, calibration and periodic control of the electrical and electronic components of the installed systems. The internal organizational system allows roles division according to the scale of skills and responsibilities, in order to timely and rapidly reply to customers and above all to provide a preferential electronic channel, additional to the usual means of communication, for reporting of eventual inefficiencies or program changes due to urgencies.

Our organization allows to perform work on the national and international territory due to the presence of qualified staff for civil, industrial and maritime installations. The availability of a diversified vehicle fleet allows to meet medium and long-term installations and at the same time to provide assistance and ordinary and extraordinary maintenance interventions also in emergency. Staff training to the use of means of transport over 35q. li and of elevation over 18 mt allows to be able to operate in extreme safety also in the realization of highly complex plants where the assistance of external personnel would be required.

The availability of instruments suitable for the verification of both LV and MV systems, together with environmental and electrical parameters measurement units for remote control and data transmission networks, allow operators to meet all the needs for verification, testing, maintenance and diagnostics of problems both on site than in department. Periodic calibrations of certification instruments ensure the quality and reliability of the results. The use of all the instruments in compliance with current regulations and their updates is ensured by training courses attended by all involved operators in main Italian training organizations or directly at the CEI headquarters.



Divided into electrical, mechanical and electronic design, it is the department with the highest training and innovative content. Its main characteristic is the continuous search for the correct integration and the constant updating on the possibilities offered by the progress of current technologies and innovations offered by materials main suppliers.

Programming and Development

The department is divided into PLC programming of the most common brands such as ABB, Siemens, Vipa, Allen-Bradley - Rockwell Automation and Schneider Electric; integration of SCADA systems such as Movicon; development of customized applications for low-budget civil or industrial needs.

Assembly and Production

Assembly and wiring of LV and MV power switchboards with copper stripping modeling and assembly; realization of carpentry and assembly for civil automation systems; Assembly and wiring of remote control panels with operator panels and privileged power supply section.

Maintenance and Checks

Insulation test on media lines, transformers and switching components in LV and MT. Control and verification of production plants from renewable sources through thermographic analysis and verification of actual production estimated by means of medium and long-term analysis. Verification of electricity and water distribution networks with estimates of possible losses and expected recovery rates. Analysis of private and public lighting systems and drafting of payback period project for replacement and automation.


Installation of civil, industrial, public lighting, telecommunications and data, remote control, photovoltaic and wind-systems. Installation and maintenance of transformers, transformer cabins and substations, private and public video surveillance with identification plates and door control, burglar alarm and fire control with filling and pressure control of security tanks.

Material Research and Commercial Proposals Processing

Collaboration with some of the most important brands in the national and international field of electricity allows to provide products with high quality standards at the best value for money. The in-depth knowledge of proposed materials allows to offer different possibilities so as the customer can have all the elements to make the optimal choice. Availability of materials in the internal warehouse ensures prompt reply in case of urgencies. Contracts with distributors at national level ensure a continuous supply of materials used to avoid possible production gaps.