We count over 130 customers in the private sector, from traditional plant engineering to home automation, with integration of production systems from photovoltaic and / or wind power sources injected into the network or with accumulation by means of batteries or fuel cells. Works in the private sector are differentiated into private homes including apartments, villas, beach houses or building complexes including apartments, terraced villas.


Some of our customers in the primary sector (agriculture, livestock, etc.), secondary sector (manufacturing, production, transport) and tertiary sector (shops, bars, business premises).


Some of our customers in the public sector: water control aqueducts, electrical distribution systems, vehicle fleet monitoring and check, territory video surveillance, monitoring of special waste dumps, etc.

Our target includes private customers, societies and public authorities, company flexible and dynamic organization allows to meet customer needs with professionalities of our staff in order to ensure high quality and at the same times reduced waiting times.

Our Values

We offer innovative technical solutions because we listen to customer needs, combining simplicity of use with high technological innovation. Our activities are the result of the collaboration of all the staff, involving their skills, abilities and potential, through objectives sharing. Our know-how is constantly enhanced by experiences and innovative solutions, the result of the ability, creativity, responsibility and spirit of initiative of all the staff. Relationships established with customers, collaborators and suppliers are inspired by the rules of loyalty, transparency and fairness. We believe in communication to offer our experience. For us, communication becomes an encounter with entrepreneurs, experts, technicians, professionals, young and old people, to develop a dialogue to spread innovations and research based on meritocracy to be used as a fundamental element of the real economy.

Feasible Checks and Tests

Verification is one of the greatest field of investment for our company. Each verification activity will be preceded by an inspection for data collection about the plant and environmental conditions and will be followed by the production of a detailed report on operations performed, results obtained and recommended actions.

Our Partners